Random Awesome #11

Happy Thanksgiving!  Have some random awesome, on me.

Random awesome links: animalstalkinginallcaps.tumblr.com and justintimberlakedoingthings.tumblr.com

When you look at these sites, just be careful that you don’t pee yourself from laughing so hard.

Speaking of peeing yourself from laughing so hard, both links are brought to you courtesy of The Bloggess.  If you’re unfamiliar, she’s kind of the queen of the Internet.  You should probably check her out.

Random awesome cover:

Seawitch is the seventh book in the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson.  No blurb yet, but the release date is set for August 7th, 2012.  I’ve really enjoyed the first four books; you can read my four-star reviews here, here, here, and here.

The amazing Chris McGrath does the cover art for this series.  I absolutely love his work!

Random awesome videos:

Don’t you just love Marcel the Shell?  Watch part one here.

And here are a couple of videos from BadLipReading, one of the funniest new channels on YouTube.

I love that even Michael Bublé thinks this next one is hilarious.

So that’s it, guys.  I hope your Turkey Day is filled with even more awesomeness. 🙂


About Lesley

I love big dogs, ravioli, and all things nerdy. Books are my crack.
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