KONY 2012

I was in high school when I first saw the Invisible Children documentary.  It made an impact on me, but since it didn’t affect me in any immediate way, it eventually faded into the background.  But now – this year – we have a chance to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s minds and actually make a difference.  Let’s make Joseph Kony famous.  Watch the video or visit InvisibleChildren.com to learn more.

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4 Responses to KONY 2012

  1. remariee says:

    I love this cause. I think a lot of young people are just now hearing about it and I feel as if most are just disregarding! I encourage you not to brush this topic off. I can almost bet that your city or city/towns in your surrounding area are holding informational meetings and groups that are trying to spread the word by hanging posters and collecting donations. If you are a college student, there will be no excuse, the Invisible Children group have been touring campuses around the U.S. showing this video and trying to get you all on the band wagon! Do it! It’s such a worthy cause and can be stopped by simply spreading the word and donating your time, attention and money.

    • Lesley says:

      It is indeed a worthy cause. I’m a college student and there are several events happening on my campus to promote awareness. The young people I know are very aware of this issue and care about it deeply. Many of us watched the film in school and spend enough time on youtube and social media sites to spread the word easily to our peers. All this makes me think that young people will actually be the first and the loudest champions of this cause, and that the real challenge will be to get this issue into newspapers, magazines, and tv news – media outlets that reach a way more diverse demographic.

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