Friends of the Library Book Sale ’11

It’s that time of year again.  The epic Friends of the Library (FOL) book sale in Gainesville, Florida was last weekend, and I made off with a crap ton of books.  Next to Christmas, this is my favorite day of the year.

This book sale was particularly fun because my family came to visit and we lined up outside the warehouse at 7:30 AM.  When they opened the doors at nine, we rushed in with the rest of throng, empty bags and two page book lists in hand.

This is the front of the warehouse when we arrived. The line was already halfway down the block, and some people had camped out the night before. The giant pile of boxes is there so that people have a way to carry their loads of books.

I bought 36 books for about $60:

Here are some close ups.

The stickers on the spine show how much I paid.  If it doesn’t have a sticker or only has a colored dot, then the book was between $0.25 and $1.  I mostly went for higher priced fiction this time, but in previous years I’ve gotten even more books than this for less than $20.

My most expensive purchase was an embossed, leather-bound book of Romantic poetry, shown on the bottom of the picture above.  It was $7, and I got it from the “Collector’s Corner.”

Lots of urban fantasy!  I was amazed at the quality of some these books.  They’re supposedly used, but the four on the bottom of the above stack look brand new, not even a cracked spine, and there were several others in similar condition.

This sale is one of the biggest in the nation.  You can see some pictures from the last day of the spring sale in one of my earlier posts.  And the last day is nothing compared to being there right when they open the doors on Saturday morning.  It’s so much fun!

Overall, it was a very successful day.  My TBR pile is nearly out of control as it is, but I plan to donate some books to make room for the ones I bought.  I also keep reminding myself that there’s only going to be one more book sale – spring ’12 – before I move away (probably), so I’ve got to enjoy it while I still can.


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