Bookish news #8

Occupy Writers

A huge number of writers have joined in support of the worldwide Occupy Movement.  Some of them have composed original articles, including this very insightful one by Lemony Snicket.  Whether you support the movement or not, I think we can all agree on the veracity of Snicket’s observations.

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably seen some of the amazing and terrifying stories coming out of the Occupy protests.  When I look at what’s happening, I’m both scared and hopeful that this movement could effect real change.  And for the record, I firmly support the ideas behind Occupy Wall Street.

All Hallows Read

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but there’s still time to participate in All Hallows Read.  Simply give someone a scary book on or around Halloween.  I’ll let Neil Gaiman explain:

Tynga’s Reviews is participating, and I hope you can too.  Let’s make this a Halloween tradition!  For more info, visit

Hunger Games Posters

Lionsgate has released eight character posters for the upcoming Hunger Games movie!  Look at all of them here.


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