Bookish News #7

Transition to WordPress is complete!

All my LiveJournal posts have been transfered over; I’ve added new info on the About, Review, and Contact pages; and everything looks pretty!  The header image comes from a photo I took in Greece.  I may change it, but at the moment I’m enjoying its grand, dream-like feel.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the new blog.  Let me know what you think.

Who is Mary Sue?

Seanan McGuire posted a fascinating discussion about the Mary Sue, and how people often use the term as a label for any female character they find annoying. McGuire argues that the phrase’s overuse is unfair and sexist.

I find this post interesting not only because McGuire brings up some very good points, but also because I myself am guilty of mislabeling some female characters Mary Sues when what I mean to say is that they’re too perfect.  The post has made me rethink my definition of Mary Sue.  It’s worth reading.


So I started watching Steven Moffat‘s new show Sherlock.  (Moffat is the British television writer who writes Doctor Who.)  Sherlock is a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes, and it’s quite brilliant.  The actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are excellent in the roles of Holmes and Watson, respectively.

I also discovered this – the blog of Dr. John Watson.  In the show, Watson blogs about all of Sherlock’s exploits.  I love that the creators of the show made the blog a real thing.  It reminds me of the books published under the name Richard Castle, as a ploy for the television show Castle.*

If you want to watch it, Sherlock will be playing on PBS starting October 24th.  The first season consists of three ninety minute episodes.  Unfortunately, the second season has been delayed until 2012.

In related news, CBS is apparently planning to make their own American version of SherlockI am dreading this.  The show is amazing as it is, so why ruin it?  The TOR article also brings up the point that the Holmes/Watson thing has already been done by shows like House, Psych, and even, in a way, Lie to Me.**  In any case, I really hope this doesn’t happen.

Huge e-publishing house WTFery

A former editor for Aspen Mountain Press has decided to speak up about the state of the company, and what she has to say is pretty depressing.  Basically, the company’s owner has been using company funds for her personal expenses, refusing to release the rights to certain books, violating authors’ contracts, and not paying authors their royalties for months on end.  This is simply a horrible situation for these authors to be in.  They can’t even get in touch with the owner because she refuses to answer emails or accept certified mail.  Personally, I hope somebody takes legal action against her because what she has done – and is still doing! – to these authors is beyond ridiculous – it’s criminal.

For more recaps of the whole mess, check out these posts from Dear Author and Katiebabs.

RIP Steve Jobs

I’m not going to talk about what a great man Steve Jobs was – plenty of people have done that.  But, to remind us of his legacy and everything he taught us, here’s Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech.  I think this speaks to his greatness more than just about anything.

You made the world a better place, Steve.  We will miss you.

*Speaking of Castle, is anyone else sad that the show has become so dark lately?  I miss the days of old when I would be laughing every other scene.  But that’s just me.

**I am so sad that this show has been canceled!  It was so good!  *sob*


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