Bookish news #2

Wicked Pretty Things News
Click here and scroll to the bottom of the post for the latest news surrounding the Wicked Pretty Things debacle.  Craziness is ensuing people.

Cast chosen for The Hunger Games movie
This post from Tynga’s Reviews shows the cast of The Hunger Games, set to come out in 2012.  The only one of the actors I know is Liam Hemsworth, who played the love interest in The Last Song (and who is very, very cute!).  Liam will play Gayle, while Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss and Josh Hutcherson will play Peeta.  It looks like Josh has been in a bunch of movies, but I only know him as the voice of Markl in Howl’s Moving Castle.

As far as looking the part, the casting director could have done much worse.  When I look at their photos, I can vaguely imagine them in character.  But the important thing to me is this: can they act?  Can they truly become the characters I grew to know and love in The Hunger Games?  That remains to be seen.  I just hope and pray that this movie turns out decent; I would hate to see yet another amazing book let down by its film adaptation (e.g. Ella Enchanted).

The Locus Challenge
The deadline to cast your ballot in the 2011 Locus Challenge is April 15th!  Pop over to The Ranting Dragon for more info and a helpful voting guide.  They’re also having an awesome giveaway!

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Horns by Joe Hill as part of The Ranting Dragon’s Locus Challenge giveaway last month and I will be publishing my review in a couple of days.  Don’t forget to go cast your vote!


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