Review: Late Eclipses (October Daye #4) by Seanan McGuire

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Daw (March 1st 2011)
How I got this book: Bought
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Blurb from Goodreads:

October "Toby" Daye is half-human, half-fae-the only changeling who’s earned knighthood. But when someone begins targeting her nearest and dearest, it becomes clear that Toby is being set up to take the fall for everything that’s happening.

My rating: 4.5/5 Stars – Almost perfect. I highly recommend it.


Another amazing installment in the Toby Daye series!  With Late Eclipses, McGuire continues the topnotch world-building that makes this series stand out from other urban fantasies.  The realm of Faerie, with its multitude of races, courtly etiquette, and strange magic, has never been more interesting.  I love getting to explore Toby’s world.  In this book, we even get a peek behind the shadows into the mysterious court of the Cait Sidhe.

The tone of the story is just as dark and depressing as the previous novels, as people fight, die, get betrayed, lose loved ones, and question their sanity.  However, the story does end on a hopeful note, and I greatly enjoyed getting there.  There are some huge revelations about Amandine and Toby’s identity that both answer questions and raise a million more.  Plus, we get some clues to other mysteries such as why the Queen hates Toby and what happened to Luna and Raysel when they were kidnapped.  The ongoing mystery of Simon’s motivations and whereabouts is something I look forward to uncovering in subsequent books.

The plot is action packed.  Toby almost never gets a chance to slow down as she rushes from the scene of one crisis to another.  Like in A Local Habitation, I figured out a couple of the mysteries long before Toby, but that didn’t make the story any less entertaining.  There’s also some great romantic moments – nothing particularly steamy, but very heartfelt and cute.  I’m a big Tybalt fan and this book only increased my fondness for the King of Cats.  Connor is still in the picture as a potential love interest, and it’s annoying to see Toby even considering getting together with him.  He’s such a wuss compared to Tybalt and it’s so obvious (at least to me) which guy is the real catch.

One thing I didn’t understand, though, was why everyone who had a problem came running to Toby, expecting her to fix it.  I know she’s a hero and all – she wants to help people and she’ll throw herself headfirst into danger to do it – but the problems people put on her shoulders seem so insurmountable that I found myself asking, “What do they honestly expect Toby to do about it?”  As for Toby, she gamely promises everyone she’ll save the day even when she has no idea how to go about doing it.  I guess I have to give her credit for that, even though it felt like she was pretty much winging it the whole time.

All in all, I really enjoyed this installment.  There’s room for improvement, but, in general, the characters, the action, the romance, and especially the world-building is awesome, as always.  This is one of my favorite urban fantasy series and I can’t wait to read the next book, One Salt Sea, coming out September 2011.

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