Random Awesome

Random Awesome Link: http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/

Thanks to Stumbling Over Chaos’ linkity post today, I discovered a blog that had me busting a gut laughing.  It’s called Sleep Talkin’ Man, and it’s exactly what the title implies – quotes from a guy who talks in his sleep.  The guy’s name is Adam and his wife Karen posts quotes, along with recordings, of things he says while sleeping.  The couple refers to Adam’s dreaming alter ego as SleepTalkinMan, or STM, who is apparently much funnier than the awake Adam, a mild-mannered, British ad exec.  Go check it out and be prepared to pee yourself laughing.

Random Awesome Cover:

My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Dania Rowland.  Isn’t this cover amazing?!  It comes out July 5, 2011.  Read the blurb on Rowland’s website.

Random Awesome Video(s):

Since I’ve never watched Oprah, I didn’t know about the contest she’s having on the Oprah Winfrey Network called Your OWN Show until I stumbled upon this hilarious video.  It’s comedian Zach Anner’s audition tape and he has now been selected as a contestant for the show.  I haven’t seen Your OWN Show, but I hope it goes well for Zach.  He is funny and inspiring!  Below is another one of his videos with a response from John Mayer.

I like John Mayer’s music, but I always thought he was a big jerk.  After watching this, I’m not going to turn into his biggest fan or anything, but it does make me hate him a lot less.

Okay, peeps, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this random post and that it has brought a little awesome into your life. 🙂


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