Bruno Mars: romantic or creepy?

Okay, this isn’t book related, but it’s something I’ve been ruminating about.  Raise your hand if you think the song Grenade by Bruno Mars is creepy.  *raises hand*

The first couple of times I heard it I thought, “Gee, that’s so romantic that he’d die for her.”  But the more I listened to the lyrics, the more I thought, “Actually, it’s kind of obsessive in a creepy, stalker-ish way.”

Here’s how I interpret it: The guy singing falls deeply, madly in love with a girl.  He loves her so much that he obsessives over her, even saying he’d die for her.  Said girl gets creeped out because, even though he’s really sweet and cute, the whole “I’d take a bullet through my brain for you” thing is a little bit too much.  (That’s another thing – the ways in which he says he would die for her are so gruesomely specific, it’s like he’s thought about it A LOT.)  The girl breaks up with him, and he takes this extremely hard.  He thought she was the one; he’d die for her; how could she rip his heart out like that?  So he starts imagining that she’s this sick, twisted, evil woman from the lowest bowels of Hell who maliciously played him.  And that’s the state of mind he’s in when he’s singing this song.

Read the lyrics and then tell me this interpretation doesn’t make sense.

If you still think the guy in the song is just being romantic, go watch the music video, especially the LAST FEW SECONDS (around 3:34).

Creepy, right???  This pretty much confirms that the guy singing this song is off his rocker. Anyway… just thought I’d share that little revelation with you. *grins sheepishly*  I like making up stories to go along with or explain the songs I hear.And of course, happy Valentine’s Day!  (In a completely non stalker-ish kind of way.)  Here’s another Bruno Mars songthat actually is very romantic and cute.  It’s one of my faves.  Enjoy!


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